Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3: To-Do List

Like the song says... Sing it, Neil!

One advantage to being in a place like New England is its robust jobs market.

Sometimes I've been picky about working. For example, there are some places I could never work... some have questionable ethics and that's a deal-breaker for me. If I'm giving part of my life to something, I want it to be something I am not ashamed of.

On the other hand, when times have gotten tough, I've taken low-level jobs that were simply a way to draw a paycheck. Delivering pizza is not a career move, but it does pay. And, pizza.

So I've already sent out a few resumes in hopes of quickly landing something up there. It's been a sort of "chicken vs. egg" dilemma: do I focus on finding a place to live first, or getting a job first? Because of M's gig, the focus has been on the living space. But getting a job in the next 10 days would give us much more flexibility in finding a place to live. As it stands, we have to plan to live on just her salary for the near-term. That cuts our options significantly.

One place I applied to said no. It wasn't a great fit, no hard feelings. Another I applied to yesterday, I got a quick "Thanks, we'll see" response that feels like I'm low on the list (I've learned to read these things effectively). But, it was at least a personal response and you never know how things will work out.

My wrench-in-the-works news from California yesterday proved that.

Alas. Back to the job search.

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