Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10: Prep

Sometimes I am a neat freak.

Say you're at work and your desk is totally clutter. Food, half-completed tasks, open drawers, pens scattered about. You know.

There have been times when my desk was like that and I just had to stop everything else I was doing and clean that crap up. I couldn't function amid the disarray.

In reality, I think those times serve alternative purposes.

It was probably just as easy to maintain order as you went along as it was to go to full stop and reset. But the reset is part of the goal, actually. It's a chance to catch your breath. You spend a few minutes or an hour putting order into your world. When you're done, you've controlled your environment, and you've managed to let your mind calm down from the weight of the other projects.

I think we do this to show that we have control over things that seem out of control. When you are done, you've shown you can accomplish something and it helps you move ahead onto more important things.

Or, perhaps you're still screwed, but at least, your desk looks nice and the filing has been done.

I spent some time earlier this evening/morning/vampirism pulling together my notes to firm up an attack plan for the weekend's impending madness. Will it help? Probably, but who knows? But, it feels linear least I have something to cling to instead of searching through the clutter. I'm sure I would have been fine the other way but let's just see if this makes life easier. At the moment, it FEELS like it will help, and that's good enough.

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