Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26: Pet Projects

D asks about the logistics of moving with dogs.

Well, we've only moved cross-town with dogs before, so this is obviously different. We're talking about a three-day trek this time.

Moose and Piper are veteran travelers, having made six-hour roadtrips before. The Penguin has never been in a vehicle that long. We're not sure how he will roll. To be on the safe side, we purchased some "natural herbal calming spray" that may or may not keep him chill on the trip. Guess we'll find out.

A friend moved 3,000+ miles and had her cats shipped; it was a nightmare. And we've heard stories about dogs being flown to destinations and become sick or dying.

Of course, there's also Mitt Romney's idea of strapping Seamus to the roof.  Yeah, we're not doing that.

On our smaller trips, we've been able to do a stop about halfway that was easy... the dogs are used to being snoozy for a long stretch so the car hasn't been disagreeable. For this trip, I think four hours at a time is going to be about the max. On day one that should be a good rule... presuming you can get about 225-250 miles in easily in four-hour stretches, that will be ideal. We'll be covering about 530 miles on day one, so it should work.

Day 2 is going to be a bear. We're pushing for 800 miles. That's going to be a 14- or 15-hour day. I'm hoping we are on the road before 6 a.m.

Day 3 will be much simpler; although, once we reach our destination, then we get to unload a truck with all our stuff in it.

We plan to split the dogs; mellow Moose and Penn with M; Piper with me. We'll see how that works out. Moose is generally calm so he's not as much of a worry. We'll also probably reduce their food a little to keep their stomachs less risky.

Because we're driving with a giant moving truck, Interstate rest stops are crucial. There's enough room to pull off the roads safely and give them some stretching time.

Generally, it's a cluster, but, a low-grade cluster theoretically.

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