Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4: What's an artist?

Simplistic answer: a painter, or a musician.

Am I an artist? Is this my art? Is this form of self-expression worthy of being decreed "artistic?"

Hey, if LMFAO are artists, then so am I.

An ex-friend used to beef about what he defined as "low art" and he had a point. Someone out there... hell, a LOT of someones... are buying music by Bieber et al, a book by Snooki, and 98 percent of the crap that you see at Hobby Lobby.

Aside: I cannot believe the crap that you see at Hobby Lobby. Also, Made in China. Think about that the next time you wonder about American job health.

Anyway. Low art sells, and that's a damn shame. I'd rather be Neil Young than Neil Sedaka, but both are rich.

Chris Guillebeau, a hero of mine who writes a shit-ton of amazing stuff at The Art of Non-Conformity, says we are all artists. I love Chris.

So what the hell. I'm an artist.

Now, maybe the artist housing in Lowell will rent to me!

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