Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 24: Details

Six days til takeoff...

The house is in a state of boxness. Taking a minimalist approach the past few years is paying off; we have a lot less crap that needs to be managed. Most of the memento-type items are already boxed and stored. To date, this has been the easiest move set-up ever. And unfortunately, I've got plenty of moves in my background.

We start loading the truck Monday morning; a day later, we'll aim for Massachusetts.

The natural disarray that comes from something like this can be upsetting. M just hates it; but, she's rolled with this like a champ this go-round. It helps me keep the stress down too. Moving just is a ton of suck, but if you can accept the temporary discomfort, you'll be much better off.

There's a lot of other prep work that comes with this, and we've made a big-time dent in that as well. All utility services here have been informed and final billing information exchanged, and future needs are in place and everything will be ready when we get there one week from tomorrow.

My goal is to make the weekend of Nov. 3-4 a breeze. I think we're on track for that and that provides solace.

I also chatted with the truck people about towing a car. I'm feeling pretty good about that. It's all coming together.

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