Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25: Loose Ends

If we had to move tomorrow, we could get it done. We're that close to having everything ready to go. So that's good.

But we still have to tie up some loose ends. One of those, for me, was getting a decent plate of Tex-Mex. Fayetteville's improved in a huge way from what it was years ago; the food here is almost Texas-quality.

I fear that New England is not going to have a lot of quality Mexican choices for me.

I finalized our route last night, adding a little distance on the brutal Day 2 schedule to get a better hotel situation. It will also make the last leg "home" a little easier.

Of course, Hurricane FrankenSandy is now looming. Really don't want to deal with that mess. Hope it blows through before we have to cope with it.

All the utilities are lined up, although in calling yesterday, I almost needed a damn decoder ring to handle the thick accents. Charming, but... help a brother out. Wonder how much of that I will pick up?

I looked at a map of Boston and found the bridge I got lost on that had the amazing view of the city during the recon mission. It's a bridge over Massachusetts Avenue. Can't wait to go back when I can enjoy it a little.

Slowly disconnecting electronics, and making sure to record the correct hookups for when we get up there. I'm hoping to have a peaceful Sunday afternoon of football on Nov. 4. Just some chill-time with the Mrs. and the hounds in our new digs.

I hit the wall earlier today... got a little overwhelmed, and wore out from lugging boxes. We're ahead of schedule so there's no need to push. So I backed off of it and got lunch, and that has helped. Tonight I have my last board meeting at the nonprofit I've worked with the last 18 months; that's been a great experience and I will miss those people, especially A.

After that? Homestretch. Let's do this.

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