Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1: Hi

We're moving to Boston. Or at least, Massachusetts. New England!

Hell, all those places kinda blend together. We're not gonna be in Kansas anymore. Or Arkansas. I grew up in Texas, where you can drive for five or six hours and still have plenty of Texas left.

You can't drive in any direction for more than about four hours up there and not cross through at least one other state. You might even go to Canada.

As this thing came together, I thought of music, because I love music, and thought of music I associated with Boston. Of course, there's Boston the group, and there's Aerosmith. And "Please Come to Boston," and "Dirty Water," and probably my favorite, "The Boston Rag" by Steely Dan.

Which, typically, Walter Becker I think said wasn't even about Boston.

Nevertheless. As some of you may know, I have spent a lot of my life involved with a quaint little industry called "newspapers," which to many of us so inflicted are also known as "rags."

You probably see where I'm going here...

I've decided to commit to writing a daily post about our move to a place I know very little about. I've never lived east of Northwest Arkansas. I'm really more of a western kinda guy. This move has totally been a surprise.

But life kind of unfolds, and you have to sometimes, as Hunter S. Thompson said and I love to quote, "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

So we're going to freakin' Boston. Wow.

If anyone knows anything to look for, go ahead. This time in a month, we'll be there, and hopefully completely moved in. It's exciting. Thrilling, even. But a little scary. So be it. Life's great adventures always seem to have a bit of the unknown and unexpected as part of the deal.

Today I've been trying to line up a handful of places to check out when we go up for a scouting mission soon. There are challenges: with three dogs, some landlords won't even consider us. Fascists.

I have so many thoughts about this that I am going to spill here. Why? I dunno, L. Ron Hubbard said if it wasn't written down it wasn't true.

Yeah, I just read a book on Scientology. That's probably the only thing I can write about that without opening a real can.

But I want to document this entire thing. This move is huge for M, and huge for me by extension. She's making a major career move, and she deserves it. She's been a Captain of Industry and I am happy for her.

For me, this is a fresh start that I also need. Any of you JJ readers will know about that.

It's the beginning of something at the very least damned interesting. Thanks for stopping by. And again, if you're interested, I promise to add at least a little update every day.

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