Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The truant

I was requested to sub at "my" grade school last week. I didn't accept. Nor did I accept the many requests I got this academic year, which ends in two days.

This wasn't because I was scarred or scared after what happened last year. That time left an indelible impression, but on balance it was positive. I saw things I needed to see, had experiences that taught me many things about many things.

My "new" job -- well, "new" despite being just two weeks from a year there -- takes a decent amount of time, and a lot of energy. I've worked very hard at doing well and will go out on a limb and say that those efforts have been recognized and appreciated. I've had time to sub, but just felt like it didn't fit with my new schedule.

And now, it looks like that door will close. I can "re-up" to be on the active list of subs for the next year, but I don't think I will do it.

Education will survive.


It's our first truly hot day in the Hub today. Pushing 90 and humid. I installed one of the window AC units last week in anticipation, and it's cranking the cool as hard as it can. Nicer days are due soon.

You can always use another barometer: The dogs. When they're more sleep-oriented than normal, it's hot.


I've got new car fever, and the "want" is a Volvo SUV.

I've driven a few Volvos and they're nice rides. We had a posh car when we came up on our scouting mission in October 2012.

It's not like me to covet something luxurious. In all those years of driving nice cars, I never really succumbed to the allure of the higher-end stuff.

But I guess growing older has made me less idealistic, in a way. I just want something nice, and this one seems to be the answer.

The Altima has more than 90k miles on it now. It's been a great car, with very little trouble. So much so we ditched the Contour a few months ago (donated to the MSPCA).

I don't see us adding a car payment any time soon, but some day we will likely need to.