Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012: One Month

We got here on Nov. 1, exhausted, stressed out, and facing a mammoth unpack. We were four or five hours behind schedule.

That was a scant 30 days ago. It seems like it was about three or four months ago. Is that good, or bad?

There are still matters to tend to... my job search is full-on; we have conducted some but not all business -- we have a bank account and our utilities are active. We still haven't gotten the license tags turned over, although we do have a Massachusetts insurance carrier now. We have found a vet, but not a dentist; we have found great sushi but not great pizza; we have found a theater, but it's a dump.

At the moment I live as a sort of "Mr. Mom," tending to most household chores. I'm trying to contribute.

Now is a good time to apply the lessons learned from frugality and minimalism. We've been able to have a few meals out, but we used to have most meals out. Because of public transportation, we've been able to extend our fuel costs for the cars, which is a positive since presently 87 Octane gasoline is running at $3.559 per gallon.

I set a goal of getting a job by the end of the year, so while I haven't landed anything yet, I have had an interview and some promising leads.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being awesome and 1 being suck, I'd rate the first month about a 7.5. That's pretty high, and I give it that only because there was only one major catastrophe (I lost a car key). Otherwise, once here, the settling in has been acceptable and I initially rated the month an 8, but my general confusion, the lack of a paycheck, and some unfinished activities are points off. Plus, the Cowboys had a bad month.

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