Monday, November 12, 2012

Fresh Pond

Fresh Pond from the path, looking north.
It's a stunningly beautiful day today, and almost certainly unusual for this time of year in greater Boston: currently it's 65, mostly sunny, with a slight breeze. The weather is due to turn tomorrow and become more in line with what is expected here this time of year.

I dithered for hours trying to decide how to take advantage, and finally mustered the will to air up the bike tires and do a little exploration. My path took my through some neighborhoods to Fresh Pond, which is nearby.

People have lived near here for well more than 200 years. The pond today is remarkably pretty, and appears at first pass to be relatively clean. On such a pretty day, the park and its surrounding paths were filled with joggers, walkers, bicyclists and dog-lovers. I saw people of all ages. Proof that today was too beautiful to be wasted.

Huron Avenue winds along the southern perimeter of the area around Fresh Pond, and like many streets around here, has dedicated bike lanes. There are a lot of bikers here, and a lot of crazy ones. And a lot of accidents involving them. I guess it's fortunate that the ambling streets make building up motor vehicle speed a bit of a challenge, so no one gets totally pulverized.

Nevertheless, I helmeted up before trying out the area. One good thing: having worked on the "everyone direction is uphill" paths of Fayetteville, the slight slopes here didn't overwhelm too much. Still, it has been at least six months, I estimate, since I'd been on the bike, so there was still a fair share of huffing and puffing.

The main thing is, I didn't wuss out. Hopefully it will inspire me to get back on the bike and investigate more interesting things about my new neighborhood.

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