Monday, November 19, 2012

A Note on "Style"

As pertains to the Boston Rag...

An excellent writer who I asked for feedback about this site mentioned some things I could do differently. And they are spot on... I could benefit from an editor. And, I could benefit from putting a little more into the entries. If I was writing this for publication, it would read less like the work of a diarist and more like a feature story.

I've written enough stories to know that a snappy lede can really pull a reader into the rest of the story.

I perhaps SHOULD take this route, which could conceivably turn this place into a sort of living portfolio of my capabilities.

Of course, that's going to entail more work. Initially I just intended this to be a sort of running commentary of experiences as moved to a completely new environment.

But that linear chronological style might be a little boring. It's certainly much easier to write, but a very high priority for a writer should be creating something someone wants to read.

I get a little bit of viewership, and I love it. It absolutely enhances my self-esteem tremendously. So thanks, y'all, for all that.

But if I can make your visits here more enjoyable, I should do that.


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