Monday, November 26, 2012

Moving is Expensive

Even if your company pays all or some of your moving expenses, it's a costly proposition.

In most cases, a move is going to be "revenue averse."

We took what we considered to be the most cost-efficient methods when planning and executing the move. Doesn't matter; it's still going to cost us.

Because even if you get all of the actual relocation costs handled, there are other costs that aren't covered. The State of Massachusetts is going to have us fork over $200 to get new driver's licenses. Our insurance is going up. There were also perishables that we couldn't bring with us, so we have to replace a lot of things that normally have a longer shelf life.

When you buy a jar of mustard, you don't replace it until it's gone. Stuff like that.

Our Sam's Club membership expires next month. We had planned to make a final run or two to the nearest Sam's here to load up on some things, and figured that we'd shift our bulk membership to Costco. The nearest Sam's here is 40 miles away. We decided yesterday that a two-hour round-trip and $10 worth of gas wasn't the best use of resources. So now we'll accelerate that new club membership. So there's another $55.

These costs aren't necessarily unanticipated. But they're annoying.

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