Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 39: Nearly

One week ago today we arrived. The trip itself was epic, and not all good epic. But, ultimately, a safe passage is a good passage.

Last night we got a taste of a famed "Nor'easter." It dropped about 3 inches of wet, heavy snow on us. That's a totally new experience for someone born in Texas, trust me.

However, today its rainy and warmer... the snow is being washed away and the temperatures are going to warm considerably by the weekend.

The last part of preparing to move is the worst. You're left with the things that don't pack easily, and it becomes a kind of "just chunk it into a bag or a box and get on with it" mode. The end of the unpack is similar. I have two or three boxes of stuff that I don't know where to put and it's painfully slow to make it work. But today, I want to be done with it, so as soon as I finish this, that project and the completion of the electronic setup will close the deal.

The election results the other day were a delight for us. I'm especially thrilled by my new senator, Elizabeth Warren. I first heard of her a few years ago when in the course of my job I found out about her activist advocacy for consumers hit by predatory lending. Liz Warren is a great person and I am ecstatic that she's representing us now. Because of the move I couldn't vote for her, but I will vote for her re-election in six years.

I hope to get back to the move recap later today. It was a memorable trip. Things will be better once I'm totally settled, so I want to check that off the list.

But, some surface impressions are that we're already learning a little about the squirrelly street layout, and that it will be manageable. We live in a very nice neighborhood, dog-friendly, and the people seem friendly too. That's a little bit of a surprise because I believed the stereotype of the rude northeasterner. I'm sure they are here, but rude people are everywhere. We're trying to be as nice and friendly as possible and keep our thoughts positive.

It's prettier here than I thought it would be. But part of that is just the fascination with a city that's closing in on 400 years of existence. That's a new perspective for me. I like it, a lot.

OK, back to work. Speaking of work, I've finally started applying for more jobs around here. Would like to get that squared away. Many things to do, many rivers to cross. I am optimistic. It feels good.

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