Monday, April 15, 2013

You Will Not Prevail

I've been very excited to immerse myself in the history of the nation, brought to life on a daily basis by the sheer magnitude of historic, meaningful sites in Boston. It's been thrilling.

Today, on Patriots Day, a beloved Massachusetts holiday marking the start of the American Revolutionary War, more history was made.

Some evil waste of life coordinated attacks on civilians participating in the Boston Marathon. We don't know who, and we don't know why.

Actually, we'll never know why. You can't understand the thinking of anyone doing something this inhuman. Don't even try. Do you understand McVeigh? Atta? Lanza? You can't make sense of this. Trying is pointless.

Every time something like this happens, I have a moment where I think humanity is a mistake, and that God cannot exist. Because if God exists, then what possible reason can He have for allowing such a horrible, senseless act against His innocent creations? In this prism, the idea of "God" is a goddam joke. There is no "God."

But then...

The videos show cops, civilians, first responders running TOWARD the blast sites. Reports are coming in of marathon runners racing toward Massachusetts General Hospital to donate blood. People are looking for ways to help. As is often the case in a terrible tragedy... the evil actions of one or a few are suddenly dwarfed by the love and -- yes -- Godliness of multitudes more. In moments like that, when the worst of humanity indicates we are Godless, others step in and show the absolute possibility of divinity.


The crime was only three hours ago; as usual, information contradicts itself with each passing minute. I am confident that whoever is responsible for this will be caught and pay dearly.

After 9/11, the nation banded together. We always do in the face of tragedy. The sad part about that is that it didn't last.

But one thing does endure, and that's the determination to win that marks the best of the American character. We want to win. We don't quit. This aggression will not stand, man.

In Lexington this afternoon we saw people dressed in Colonial period costumes, a fife and drum band playing patriotic music, flags and generally the whole apple-pie view of America that's so corny as to be irresistible. It's a kind of Taylor Swiftian-world.


Still... I can't believe this shit has happened again, and this time, happened in my back yard. I've been as much around this town as I could be in the past five-plus months, including multiple times in the area of the attacks. Boston, in a lot of ways, is kind of a small town. Its weird, congested layout forces you to learn how to get around.

This is my home now, and I am filled with rage that some twisted, deranged people have done this. I want them to pay, I want vengeance.

That's not the answer, though. The answer is to solve this problem and prevent these animals from using these tactics to terrorize and destroy.

So I have to put aside my rage. So do you.

This can happen anywhere. To anyone. Treasure your life and those who enrich it. It's later than you think.

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