Friday, April 19, 2013


I'm not religious.

I've always been curious about the concept of God, and the different ways people on this little planet interpret what "God" means.

Raised in a Methodist household, I've had close exposure to Catholicism, the Church of Christ, and Judaism. And I've looked closely at Islam, Mormonism and other faiths.

I haven't bought any of it. And the evil that I've seen my whole life, and this week in particular, doesn't encourage me much.

Boston, and New England, however, is a very devout place. The first New Englanders came here to pursue religious freedom. This place is crawling with amazing old churches. Centuries-old churches. They're beautiful and inspiring. People believe.

I doubt, but I cannot completely let it go, because when you consider the universe... what came before? Who made the universe? It's too much for my little brain to comprehend.

This week... when innocent civilians are murdered by bombs... when stupidity and neglect blows up a small town in Texas... when members of the Senate turn their backs on popular measures to reduce the carnage and horror of Newtown, Aurora, Tucson and more... God seems so far away.

And I wish that I had the solace that some people take from their faith.


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