Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh, OK

Presser just ended; a question that I was surprised had previously gone unanswered was, how did White Hat get away?

He blew through the police barricade in Watertown, ditched the car and fled on foot.

Which means he couldn't have gotten far, unless he was able to steal/jack another car and either take hostage or kill the owner.

So now we're about an hour from sunset, and Boston is the darkest place I've ever seen as far as a big city is concerned.

And the authorities say "be vigilant, but we're moving along."

Ummm... huh?

I mean, this was a big enough deal that you locked down a large chunk of a huge metropolitan area trying to find this dude. And you failed. And now, "Oh well?"


This guy is going to be working on a lot of edge. Has he slept in the last two days? Has he been holed up somewhere waiting for cover of darkness? Has he taken a household hostage? Is he being harbored? Has he found someplace to get some sleep and now will try and flee? Did he manage to skip town? Did he kill himself and his body hasn't been found?

So many question, so many possibilities.

And now, the general vicinity has gone from "TERROR! LOCKDOWN! PRACTICALLY MARTIAL LAW!" to "Good luck everybody!"

I mean... what the fuck?

Alas. We've got food, we're hunkering down. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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