Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't Be Nervous

For some reason I've been a little rattled about my short-term steady work that starts in an hour.

I'm choosing to dismiss that now.

It's natural to have butterflies, but when I think about it... they WANTED me for those, I was chosen. I am not "classically" trained but I have common sense and understand that the top ten priorities are some combination of helping kids succeed, being encouraging and supportive, stepping up, setting an example, being reliable... These are all things I can ably do.

You must walk in feeling confident and happy. You're not allowed to be "off."

I remember when I moved to LA early one morning I felt worried that I was in over my head. I probably was, but, I distinctly recall looking at myself in the mirror and "coaching up." I told myself that I was in Hollywood, and it was time to act the role I had taken on.

I did. And I feel I did well. If I didn't, well, then others were even better actors than I.

So, I leave in about 15 minutes. Gonna finish my coffee, let the dogs have one more burst of freedom, then go do this.

Anyone out there checking this out... don't give yourself away. We were not meant to lament, we were born to shine. Let's be the change.

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