Saturday, June 29, 2013

I know we're cool

It's not brutally hot here, although we've had a handful of what are considered unusually roasty days.

But it is very humid. Doing some yard work and some domestic chores a few days ago, even though the temperature was probably no more than 80, the humidity was above 90 percent. I was glistening.

This house built in 1912 has no central air; the previous tenants left two a/c window units.

I installed the smaller one last week, and it seems to be working OK. I put it in the living area. I've been trying to make us tough it out in the bedroom with an open window that faces east and gets some breeze, and a small fan. It's been mostly adequate.

Nevertheless, Thursday I dragged the bigger, heavy a/c unit up from the basement. I let it sit outside in hopes that any itinerant creatures would voluntarily relocate. Today I brought it in, dusted it off, cleaned it up a bit and we decided to place it in the kitchen.

We made a run to HD beforehand to get some sealant and other relevant items to theoretically maximize the effectiveness of the beaten-up old thing. We then spent about an hour spiffing it up, getting it situated, and squawking about.

An hour later... the house feels cool. I anticipate a glorious sleep tonight.

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