Monday, June 17, 2013


Another good day. But it's the last week of school and the work isn't that demanding now. All the real projects have been completed; it's pretty much housekeeping from here on in.

I have a job interview/tryout this weekend. I'm inclined to think that I can pass muster but you never know. If I do, then this may be my last educational activity for a while. Not sure how to feel about that.

It's thunderstormy in the Hub right now. I have not felt great the past couple of days... think it was brought on by yardwork, which stirs up a lot of dirt and grit. You'd think I would have had the good sense by now to wear a mask. Next week for sure.

I'm just trying to get by, ya know? I don't have delusions of grandeur about my life. It's never been my goal to be King of the Hill or even third assistant king. I'm an idealist who'd like to see things be better, and I try and be better myself to set an example. I don't always succeed but I usually always try.


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