Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ranking my CDs

I've had the hardest time finding time to write. A couple of days ago, I thought I had better force myself to do it. This is that attempt.

On JJ, I started reviewing my CD collection as a way to "exercise" my writing, to stay limber. I just went back into the archives... at one point, my idea was to rank all of my (our) CDs. Here's what I had so far:

1. Sandinista, The Clash
2. The Bends, Radiohead
3. Nilsson Schmilsson, Harry Nilsson
4. Tom Tom Club, Tom Tom Club
5. Son of Schmilsson, Harry Nilsson
6. 311, 311

Obviously, I didn't get too far down the list. iTunes says we have almost 42 DAYS worth of music. I'd better get crackin'...

  • I'm going to let iTunes randomly pick a song, and I'll review that album.
  • 311's 311 is currently ranked No. 6. That's going to be a high until I review anything else. How low can it go?
  • I reserve the right to change the rules. What are the rules again? Oh right, there aren't any. I should devise a scientific approach and have thought about this. But music is subjective. Millions of people like Creed, Nickelback, Bieber. Not me. My rankings are going to be simply this: When I listen to something, is it better than the first disc on the list? The second? The third and so on.
  • Clearly, those first five are all better than 311. Someone might disagree. That someone is stupid. (j/k) (Not really.) (yes, really j/k. Lighten up.)
  • I'm going to try and do one of these per day. Or at least every other day. Or at least, once a week.
  • Or at least, today, for sure.
Comments, of course, welcome. Or even, suggestions about what to review next! I may actually have it.

But now, yardwork beckons, and since I've spent most of this day off sleeping and/or goofing off, I am going to do something responsible, then take a nice shower, then hopefully add No. 7 to the list.

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