Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Where have you been?

Oh wait, that was me...

Quick hits:

* Snow No. 8 was last night. It wasn't as bad as expected and not as intense as Nos. 4 and 6. But it's damned cold now. So of course, today we ran out of heating oil.
* One of the biggest challenges in life is to let douchery go by without losing it. This is a difficult thing for me. There have been three significantly douchey things this week; I've handled them but not as well as I could.
* I really need to visit here more often. But I've just been dog-tired lately. I think cumulatively, the night schedule has converted me to trending toward trying to sleep in, which isn't fair to M and isn't really doable anyway because of the damn dogs. My sleep is erratic, I'm not eating as smartly as I should, the winter has made me sluggish, I don't exercise as much as I need to. If just one of these things were a problem, no problem. Combining them is not optimal. I gotta work on it.
* I haven't even updated on French Cottage, the holidays, the guy I saw on the train last week... man.

It's so flipping cold right now. The temperature gauge in the house is below 50. It's going to be a challenging night.

I'm watching the Hogs online, and when that's over, I'm going to go bury myself under dogs and blankets.

Better days ahead, then.

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