Friday, March 29, 2013

Get Auf

I generally presume that the only people who read this are either friends who I prompt to it from social media or family members who use it to stay up on what's happening here in the exotic New England outpost.

However, Blogger provides measurement tools that show what browsers viewers use, their nation of origin, the number of visits, etc. I wish it broke down visits by state.

I would like to think that I have a global audience, but outside of Australia and Canada, I know I don't. Yet, still I have visitors from around the world. I'm not sure why, and I suspect something nefarious but also, too sophisticated for me to figure out what. Nevertheless, according to the analytics, I've had readers in (from most to least) Germany, Russia, the UK, Sweden, Poland, France and Malaysia.

To my friends in Canada: Keep reading, eh?

In Australia: Kiah, you rock.

In Germany: It's conceivable that part of my family originated there. Hope to visit some day. Lighten up.

In the UK: My daughter and I are both fascinated by you. Thanks for the awesome music and for Love Actually.

In Sweden: Loved the Dragon Tattoo, Saabs and Peter Forsberg. Send the next Forsberg to Dallas after Nieuwendyk gets fired.

In Poland: I'm interested in your history. Any recommendations?

In France: Some of us from the U.S. aren't so bad. We owe a lot to you. Couldn't we be friends?

In Malaysia: I don't know what possibly would bring you here, but come back any time, and hope you enjoy it.

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