Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dead Sexy

My friend, Connecticut writer Rick Koster, has a new book out...

It’s said that the phrase “the love that dare not speak its name” (from a 19th-century poem “Two Loves” by Lord Alfred Davis) refers to archaic views on homosexuality.

But as pertains to Rick Koster’s new book “Poppin’ A Cold One,” the love dares not speak its name because it can’t. And that’s because half of the lovers are… dead.

But the dead are hot these days. Zombies and vampires are in. And while necrophilia as a plot device might seem a little “out there,” at least in this case there are no moony vampire babies like in Twilight.

And, necrophilia has surfaced in art other times as well. Poe, Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy and Alice Cooper (among others) have touched on the subject; it’s not as shocking as you’d think. Could you say it’s even de rigueur (mortis)?


Anyway, if you can get past that, Koster has written a mystery thriller full of hilarious satire, pop-culture references and characters that seem zany until you accept the novel’s setting in the Deep South, where “zany” means “eccentric” and “eccentric” means “normal Southern folks.”

Koster, as anyone who’s spent more than a little time south of the Mason-Dixon line, knows that one thing that fuels so-called “Southern Pride” is a sort of “whatever” attitude that doesn’t waste too much time worrying about social proprieties such as sex with the dead. Or corruption. Or murder. (Or even slavery, but that’s another story entirely.)

Koster writes in a fun, fast-paced, witty style that makes this story a true page-turner. Despite that groaner of a title, it’s a work that you’ll find a guilty pleasure.

Which, I guess, if you were banging a corpse, that too would be a guilty pleasure. But not in 29 states. Apparently, only 21 states forbid this forbidden love. Don’t go getting any ideas, you sickos.

POCA is available on Kindle. You should read it.

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