Sunday, December 2, 2012

Viva Mexico

Mexican food in New England.

Would I ever find anything decent? The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I ventured to Chelsea to check out a recommended grocer, Market Basket. Near there was a Taco Bell. I went, if only because it was the first Mexican food I'd had (not included what we made ourselves) since being here.

It wasn't awesome. It was Taco Bell! But it was close enough.

Last night we Yelped a place in Arlington called Ixtapa. The reviews were pretty good, so we decided to splurge and check it out.

It was shockingly pretty good. The service was a little slow and erratic; we never got a requested refill on our drinks, for example. It was very crowded and it was Saturday night, so I'm giving them a temporary pass on that.

But the salsa was fresh and original (big plus), they also had a habanero sauce that was fiery and fresh, and the basic stuff I ordered was as it needed to be. My combo plate had a beef taco, chicken enchilada and a cheese chile relleno. The poblano was a bit small, but acceptable, and the chicken enchilada wasn't covered in cream sauce with verde, but that's OK. I ordinarily wouldn't even have ordered a chicken enchilada, I just wanted to see how they make it.

We will definitely go again. And Arlington seems charming. Turns out I've actually been there... it's where we had to return the moving truck. I had forgotten but M recognized some of the streets and eventually I did too. Another example of how this place often folds around itself.

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